Have You Heard The Joke About Chris Rock, The CIA and The White House? Oh It's No Joke!

[T]he Secret Service has one main function, and that is to protect the president, but are they really doing their jobs? How is it that someone can jump the fence and make it into the White House?
On September 19, 2014, Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House Fence and had more than 800 rounds of ammunition in his car. He made it past the lawn and got into the White House just minutes after the President and his family departed for the evening. The very next day, another man attempted to get into the White House but was arrested at the vehicle screening gate.
Since these incidents, officials have put up new barriers that keep tourists even farther away. But can’t people get around that too?
According to BBC News, the Secret Service has apprehended 16 people who had jumped over the White House fence over the past five years, including six in 2014 alone.
Because it has happened so often, you would think that the Secret Service would come up with plans to make sure unwanted guests never get inside The White House.
In a recent podcast with hosts Ice-T and Mick Benzo, the topic about the Secret Service and how easy it is just to walk through the doors of the President’s home, was a surprising discussion.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-uensVwnOoChris Rock was the guest of the day and basically called the Secret Service a joke.
“Hot 97 has better security than the White House,” says Rock.
Chris Rock witnessed the lack of security at the White House first-hand years ago.
“I was there one time. I was in DC filming something and I was just walking by the White House and a black security guard yelled, ‘Yo wassup Chris Rock?’ Next thing I know, I’m in the White House, brother’s is walking me around; this was when Bush was president.”
Back in July, Snoop Dogg went on Jimmy Kimmel and told him about his experience at the White House.
“I’ve smoked in the bathroom, not in the White House but in the bathroom,” says Snoop.
Snoop went on to say that he told one of the ‘alphabet boys’ that when he usually goes to the bathroom after doing number 2, he smokes a blunt to get the aroma right. One of them told him that he could light a piece of a napkin, and that napkin to Snoop was his blunt.
There are more logical places for such behavior, and it would seem the White House is not one of them, unless you’re Snoop Dogg.
Julia Pierson resigned as Secret Service Director on October 1, 2014 and was replaced by Joseph Clancy, in an attempt to step it up not only for President Obama, but for future presidents.
The New York Times recently obtained a review of the Secret Service’s performance and revealed that alarm systems and radios failed to work as Gonzalez scaled the White House’s fence.
The report stated that the Secret Service lacked a full staff and that officers protecting the White House did not receive enough training. There is no doubt the Secret Service’s Acting Director Tom Clancy will not see the humor in Chris Rock’s story, the latest in a series of failings of the agency.
“I found the findings devastating,” Clancy told a panel of Congressmen investigating the matter. “What hits the hardest is the range of shortcomings that ultimately allowed Omar Gonzales to enter The White House, practically unencumbered.”