Debate Over The Word "Thug" Rages In The Media. Here's A History Of The Word
Residents in Baltimore are upset. The death of Freddie Gray and the ensuing riots thrust the city into headlines around the world.
Thanks to Mayor Sheila Dixon, who referred to the looters as “Thugs, who only want to incite violence and destroy our city,” the term is in the spotlight. Even President Obama called the rioters “thugs who tore up the place.”
Now,a debate is raging over the term and how it is being applied to young black men. The term has been around for centuries, used in a derogatory manner. Check out this article on the history of the word “Thug.”

After the funeral of Freddie Gray ignited protests in the streets of Baltimore, several elected officials used a word to describe those people who were setting fire to buildings, stealing from stores and smashing car windows and taillights: “thugs.” Though many activists engaged in peaceful protests, looting and rioting gripped the Maryland city of 620,000 for…