Trayvon Martin's Mom Has A Message For Artists

Trayvon Martin

[T]rayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton started her Mother’s Holiday, by encouraging young artists to fight social injustice through their art.
Ms. Fulton took part in the Manifest Justice art exhibit, which recently opened in Los Angeles. In an emotionally charged speech earlier this week, Trayvon’s mother told the audience that she found strength in her son’s death, as well as a new found purpose.
“When I pick myself up off that floor, and I open my hand full of tears, I told myself, you can do better than this, you can do more than this,” Fulton told the crowd. “I got up from there that day, and I decided that I have to be a spokesperson for people for people that can’t speak, I have to be a spokesperson for the voiceless. My son is not here to speak for himself; I am Trayvon Martin.”
The two-week exhibition, which kicked off on May 2, and wrapped up on May 10, featured over 150 artists, including veterans like Estevan Oriol and Shepard Fairey and others.
“It’s the most urgent thing that I think we can be doing as artists right now,” said artist/activist Jordan Weber. “I spoke before about arts being commercially based most of the time, and you know with this new ideology of domestic terrorism, art is a safe way to protest and extremely meaningful and powerful and I think you reach a lot more people than you wouldprotesting on the street.”