Former NAACP Head Rachel Dolezal Gives New Meaning to ‘Black and White Shake’

She Hasn’t Pointed Up Any Race problems – It’s an Imbecile Problem

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By: Wynne Alexander
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So the story goes that an absolutely blonde, white girl from Montana corked up and told the public since around 2007 she is Black, African American. She also went to Howard University, sued Howard along racial lines when she claimed she was discriminated against for being white, then just got caught not being Black at all. Sounds crazy – well it is.

Now Rachel Dolezal is gearing up to claim that just as people can be trapped in the wrong gender and become transgendered – so she can be trans-racial.



Is that what you want us to believe next?

How’s about this Sister Sooky 


So you don’t have to get all abstract and creative. It’s very simple. What you are – regardless of race, creed or national origin, is  — a liar.

You lied to NAACP officials, city officials considering you for civic boards, journalists.

Now you can do and feel a lot of things that are off the radar, but you’re not allowed to lie about who you are and where you come from.

Asked by Today Show host Matt Lauer, “Would she do anything differently?” Dolezal said she’d do it all again.

I rest my case. This white woman believes lying is OK and this is why we have to get a handle on public lying.

George Bush the First: “Read my lips – no new taxes.”

George Dumya Bush the Second to Cheney: “Saddam Hussein has spent enormous sums to build and keep weapons of mass destruction.”

King Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Clinton again: “It depends what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

Richard Nixon: “I am not a crook.”

No wonder this girl thinks a big fat lie is OK. Thanks boys.

Rachel Dolezal

And how did so many people manage to believe her in the first place when so many of us immediately saw she was wearing Vaudeville’s Egyptian No. 5 make-up, with some spray tan mixed in. The hair or whatever it is, obviously changes too much to be real. What were they thinking?  Look at those pictures and videos. Her hair and skin color are as faked as Michael Jackson’s. This is not a case of trans-racialism – sadly this is a case of ‘Reverse Michaelism.’ Next thing she’ll have a book and a movie deal.

Then when she gets the movie deal, [because we live in such a sick, wasteful, intellectually impoverished society] she can do what Michael Jackson did, only in reverse. For his authorized movie biography, he cast a Caucasian, blonde baby boy to play MJ as a toddler. So now Dolezal can cast her baby self with a café au lait baby in cornrows.

Fabulous – what a country.   

That’s the sad shame of all of this. She’ll be rewarded for this cockamamie cock&bull story while the genuinely talented social pioneers remain unknown to a largely fickle, circus-prone media. So happy day, she’s going to be rewarded for what is also obviously a huge crack in her brains and integrity. Her parents must have really overburdened her when they adopted four other genuine Black children and her psyche just splintered. And now the parents don’t even know how to look like they care. Then comes the dénouement of all time – the Press reports she and her parents ‘are estranged.’

Rachel Dolezal


You mean just plain STRANGE don’t cha?

All of them ought to be seeking counseling.

It’s a shame what she did.

It’s literally incredibly dishonest.

Respecting, identifying with and working for or on behalf of kindred groups and people who may or may not look like you is one of the highest Callings there is. Those extremely difficult efforts of embracing and bridging cultures, always going toward the general amelioration of mankind, these are some of the greatest works and hopes for our planet’s mutually enhancing, productive, peaceful and enlightened existence. But whatever you do, you don’t lie about your history and who you are. That is deceptive and in many contexts, criminal. The bottom line is, like so many con-artists, she has lied repeatedly and finally gotten caught.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris, Dolezal said, “I never want to be a liability to the cause.”

Well she most certainly is.

Transracial ? –  the nerve.

I guess the next thing she’ll be selling is that her name isn’t Rachel – it’s Racial.