The Awkward Moment The President Of Spokane NAACP Could Not Identify Her Race

If you’ve been hearing the name Rachel Dolezal bubbling in the media, this video clip is why. A reporter put her on the spot about her race, which she has represented as being African-American. But she admitted to KXLY that her father was a white man, when she was shown a picture, that her parents actually provided to the paper.  has built a wide-ranging career on her racial identity.
When asked about her race, she clamed up and fled into a nearby clothing boutique. What’s even more interesting is that Dolezal is an expert in African-American culture and also teaches at Eastern Washington University.
As the President of the local NAACP, Dolezal has been vocal on a number of issues impacting the African-American community and she was even by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, when charged were filed against officers over the death of Freddie Gray.
This looks so uncomfortable.