What Do Bill Cosby and Oscar Wilde Have in Common?

Stupefying     Fatal     Ego-tripping 

…And They Have at Least One Colossal Difference

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By: Wynne Alexander
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This is a tale of two legal cases both involving terrible injustice in two separate directions.

What the two entertainment giants also have in common is grossly ill-advised legal maneuvering, born of calamitous outsized arrogance and ego, causing catastrophic results.

So the Marquess of Queensberry calls you a sodomite [1890s for ‘queer’ ].

So What.

But Oscar Wilde decides he’ll show him and took Lord John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry, to court on charges of criminal libel.


Because there are court rules with ‘findings of fact’ – so it was found that Oscar was indeed gay and doing the Marquess’s son.

Lord John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry

But if Wilde’s ego had been normal, he never would have sued the powerful Marquess in the first place. Had he not sued, there would have been no findings of fact and Oscar Wilde would never have gone to jail — two years at ‘hard labor’ which today would be ruled cruel and unusual punishment by the United Nations. While in jail, Wilde was on a treadmill all day being a human energy source for a mill – look it up. He was a broken man when he got out of prison, never returned to his life’s work, often wrote and lived under another name and died three years later.
But he was buried alive first.

Tragically, his bloated ego destroyed his ability to think straight. He wrecked himself because he failed to realize he lived in a nation run by frequently backward barbarians who believed garbage about homosexuals from officials and churches who were themselves riddled with moral and sexual corruption.

So now a century later, enters equally world famous Bill Cosby, Mr. Witty himself. Seems he’s has been abusing his position of power with women for quite some time and betraying his wife. And his big ego and wallet allowed him to try and shut down the truth with legal threats, manipulations, while girl after girl continued to suffer until his big-ass ego caused him to talk about what the girls had been court ordered to shut-up about. Then one of the depositions finally saw the light of day and truthfully, since he and his people have been running their mouths-why shouldn’t the girls be heard? The girls, the women. The VICTIMS. Why shouldn’t they be heard?

“35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the Culture That Wouldn’t Listen”

All the girls on the cover of New York Magazine’s July/August 9, 2015 edition ought to just stage their own show on YouTube and call it To Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. They could invite Bill on as a guest and tell him they’ll help his career — as a human being.

So in the 2005-6 deposition published by the New York Times (July 18, 2015), Cosby admits repeatedly that he did acquire Quaaludes fraudulently, to give the girls, then he would perform mental tricks and scams on them to gain their confidence, all behind his wife’s back and that ladies and gentlemen, is the Good News. This is all Cosby’s version while the victims tell of being surreptitiously drugged, molested and none of it consensual. Cosby admits he got next to one girl by pretending to be interested in her father’s battle with cancer. He was shameless in his descriptions on how he played these women. Promising powerful mentorship – FAKE-OUT. Deep interest in cancer  FAKE OUT. ‘Young lady you have talent, I’ll help your career’ – GOTCHA.  And again, that is the good news in this incredibly disgusting scenario of abuse.

And you know what else really stinks – so many pretty girls know all about this crap. I guess, at least it’s finally out there in the open so everyone can get properly schooled on this punk-ass garbage behavior that many of us know all too much about.

Both Cosby and Wilde’s egos caused them to mis-play the legal system.
Wilde was caught immediately in his own trap.
Cosby got away with his for decades but now he’s caught for sure.

  • Bye-bye Temple University Board membership

  • Bye-bye Spellman professorship ‘even after I gave you $20 million big ones’

  • Bye-bye tour dates and easy money

  • Bye-bye murals all over the country as people flee in a thunderous stampede trying to escape the dreaded Cosby association [ Roll footage of  Godzilla]

And the one major difference between the two men?

Oscar Wilde’s soaring talent was cut short by institutionalized bigotry and official persecution.
He didn’t do anything wrong by being gay and having a relationship with the Marquess’s son, Lord Alfred Douglas.
Wilde was a tragic victim of ignorant oppression, while Bill Cosby IS the ignorant oppressor.

If Cosby is never found guilty in a court of law of what some are calling serial date rapes, he has already admitted to egregious, serial fraud, improper administration of controlled substances, abuse-of-power over​ ​women and complete betrayal of his wife and family’s trust.

Moral of the story:
Ego – lose it or lose your ass.
                                                                           Another difference

Oscar Wilde wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray and Bill Cosby became it