Drake's Interesting Week With Professional and College Basketball

Drake and Meek Praying from Amen Video
Drake and Meek Mill in happier times

Last week may have been a memorable one for Toronto, native Drake, who found himself at the epicenter of an artistic debate surrounding Hip-Hop lyrics.

Former collaborator Meek Mill claimed Drake does not write his lyrics and in the process, sparked a conversation about the validity of ghost writers in Hip-Hop.
Drake remained silent until he premiered his new song “Charged Up,” which debuted on his OVO Sound show featured on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio. While the controversy with Meek dominated the headlines, another discussion surrounding Drake was playing out.


Alternative jerseys the rapper helped design for The Toronto Raptors were leaked to the net. The images of the “Drake alternative” black and gold jerseys popped up on Reddit, along with new logos for the Hawks, the 76ers, the Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks.
Almost concurrently, the rapper was served with legal papers from the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky needs Drake to continue his wall of silence; this time it is when it comes to interacting with the men’s basketball team.
Drake, who is an official ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, found himself in the middle of a dispute when he took a picture with a then recruit, Charles Matthews.
The cease-and-desist letter asks Drake to refrain from taking photos or speaking with recruits when he visits campus. According to NCAA rules, it is a level III violation. Coach John Calipari was quick to support Drake and welcome the rapper back to the arena, notwithstanding the cease-and-desist letter.
“Just so everyone knows, my dear friend Drake took pics with fans as well as a couple of guys as he was leaving the arena after [March] Madness,” John Calipari tweeted. “There are no issues with Drake and UK, and Drake is and will always be a part of our Big Blue family. I hope to see him on campus soon.”

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