Floyd Mayweather Does Have A Good Bone In His Body – Ask Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather may have his detractors thanks to his flashy lifestyle and his arrogant behavior, which will most likely be on display before he fights Andre Berto in September.

Even though he’s arguably the greatest boxer ever, Mayweather has a penchant for rubbing people the wrong way.
In the past few months alone, Mayweather has been criticized by a number of athletes for the mediocre performance in the Pacquiao fight, as well as his conduct outside of the ring. Promoter Bob Arum, boxer Mike Tyson and others have verbally attacked the champ without much result.
MMA champ Rhonda Rousey recently took aim at Floyd’s record of domestic abuse during her victory speech for “Best Fighter” award at the ESPY’s last week.
But, even Mayweather’s staunchest detractor would admit that there must be some good within the champion boxer. For instance, Mayweather has taken a new boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis under his wings. Mayweather is acting like a mentor to the 18-year-old, who has a promising career within the sport.


Gervonta “Tank” Davis hails from Baltimore and is a rising professional boxer with an 11-0 record. He’s been traveling with Mayweather on his personal jet to various cities, observing how Mayweather conducts business and makes public appearances.
Davis is even training besides Mayweather in Las Vegas at the Mayweather Boxing Club, in anticipation for his scheduled fight on September 12.
“He is a great teacher, and I’m learning a lot of positive things from him, especially about the business of boxing,” Gervonta Davis said. “He has built himself to be the richest athlete and sports. I feel truly blessed that he would want to give me advice that will help me in my career.”
Davis knows the power that surrounded him. It doesn’t hurt that Mayweather’s advisor and entrepreneur Al Haymon has also taken a interest in his career, as a manager.
“I’m going to listen to everything he [Floyd] says and share what I learn with the young fighters that come into the sport after me,” Davis said.
Davis wants to be an inspiration to the locals back home in his native city Baltimore, where his neighborhood was at the epicenter of the recent riots over the death of Freddie Gray.
“My story is really big for my city of Baltimore, and proof that hard work will take you to the next level, no matter where you come from,” Davis said.