What Has Tennis Star Serena Williams Sprung For Drake? His Mean Left Hand

The pictures that were released of rapper Drake and tennis star Serena Williams embracing has fueled speculation about their on again, off again relationship. TMZ.com copped some photos of the lovebirds kissing at a Cincinnati restaurant, after the WTA Finals in Cincinnati.
While her friends doubt Drake’s motives and others like Serena’s good pal Rafael Nadal, are co-signing the rapper’s romantic link to the tennis star. So what is it about Drake that sets him apart from others like Common, CC Sabathia, Keyshawn Johnson or Bret Ratner?
Last week, Serena discussed her relationship with Drake and gave the answer.
According to Serena, they share a mutual interest in tennis, which was a sport that Drake played when he was a teenager. The passion has continued into his adulthood. His 3-acre, 12,500 square-foot in Hidden Hills has a tennis court where he presumably practices sometimes.
The rap star excels at tennis too, Serena explained.
“He’s really a good player. He said he played tennis when he was younger. I thought, ‘Really, of all sports?’ So he’s always kind of been into tennis,” Serena Williams told Yahoo Sports.
Drake even challenges her on the court with his superb tennis skills, which seemed like an added bonus for Serena. “He says he can take me lefty, which gets me charged up,” she said.
While Drake is good enough to hold his own, Serena suggested that he not quit his day job anytime soon.
“Rap, you gotta think off the spot and do all this other stuff. So I don’t know. Let’s just say I’m doing the right thing and I think he’s doing the right thing,” Serena said.