Tempest in a Teapot from Hell …Poor Shaun King

Forced to Ask the Musical Question:
Am I Black Enuf fuh ya

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Wynne Alexander
By: Wynne Alexander
Political Director, CollegeHipHop.com Wynne Alexander is an investigative journalist who has interviewed national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business and political leaders including Muhammed Ali and Coretta Scott King. She is also the author of the pioneering civil rights book, Get It From the Drums.

Be careful people. The big white boogie man is loose in the land again. They’re playing the old discrediting game one more time.
Shaun King – Come on down – you’re the next big victim on The Price is Too High.
King, a successful national activist with Black Lives Matter, very effectively fighting police brutality and now – suddenly – Uh-Oh – OOOoooooo – look out – [Jaws ‘Shark Music’] – he’s not really Black.
Says who?
The plant fertilizers at Breibart.com and The Daily Beast.
Divide and Conquer baby. It’s an old game. A little news leak here, a whisper there – I’ve seen decades of amazing work come into question and damn near disappear because, as Little Orphan Annie says, “the gobblins’ll git cha ef you don’t watch out!” [ See also James Whitcomb Riley]
The white power structure has been doing these ‘scare you’ or ‘discredit the leaders’ games since forever – Dr. King, Malcolm X, Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Hazel Scott, Gore Vidal, thousands of other patriots– it’s all crap. I personally knew a Jewish man, stellar civil rights advocate, did great work in the Black and Civil Rights Communities in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when you could get killed, always making big moves to benefit others. So in an effort to drive a wedge between him and sectors of the Community, a forged check was circulated with Israeli General Moshe Dayan’s signature, attempting to prove the advocate was an Israeli agent and therefore not to be trusted.
These are very old tricks going back centuries. BEWARE. I think the people running Breibart.com and The Daily Beast need to get out more or hire some genuine journalists.
I know a lot of folks who look like Shaun King and they are Black and so is he.
Y’all really need to get out more.
The Anti-Miscegenation Laws of this often socially backward country of ours started this whole mess to begin with. One drop of Black blood and they said, ‘you’re Black.’ Highly racist, fascist, and tyrannical laws were in place right here in the good ol’ USA, making a mixed-race marriage illegal, jailable, equaling social death or actual lynching death. They defined what race you were and by how much. The Miscegenation Laws were on the books right here, way before Hitler and his insane race poison.
And they weren’t struck down until 1967 when the United States Supreme Court finally did the right thing, issuing an opinion invalidating all the states’ anti-miscegenation laws. [See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loving_v._Virginia ]
You should see what used to be on the books. Crimes basically only Black people could be found guilty of, like seeking freedom and learning to read. The whole rape nightmare for Black men and white women, special diseases were on the books, Drapetomania, that caused slaves to flee their captors. And a list of common everyday words for determining where you were in the pecking order of ‘self-evident truths and inalienable rights:’

Ida and Dwight D. Eisenhower
 Guess who this is people! President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s mother Ida Stover, who many historians have argued or contended for years, was a Mulatto of African descent. That’s young Dwight on the right

Mulatto – one Black parent, one white parent = half white blood and half black blood
Quadroon – a white parent and one mulatto parent mix, so the math comes out to ¼ Black and ¾’s white
Octoroon – means a child from a white parent and a quadroon
Sexatroon – 1/16 amount of Black blood
Demi-Mamelouque – 1/32 degree of Black blood
Those are the white power structure names given to describe color and what was illegal or legal in mixing races from New England to the Deep South and beyond the Rockies.
Welcome to America !
(There is an excellent article excerpt apparently from the state of Tennessee’s website detailing official names, diseases and legal status afflicting Black Americans –
http://www.tn.gov/tsla/exhibits/blackhistory/pdfs/Miscegenation%20laws.pdf )
From Time magazine, December 10, 2010:
“The so-called ‘blood-fraction’ laws of 1705 ruled that anyone who was at least 1/8 black — which meant one black great grandparent — could not be labeled white. A 1911 Arkansas law went further, declaring that citizens would be considered black if they had ‘any Negro blood whatever.’ And if you think that all that is an artifact of a less enlightened time, think again. A 1970 Louisiana law defined as black anyone
who had at least 1/32 African-American blood — and in 1985, a state court upheld the legislation.”
That’s the old white game and those are their lily white rules.
Ergo, according to all that – Shaun King is Black in my book too.
So game-time’s over – let’s all get back to work.

A photo of Shaun King in his teens

Shaun King in High School