New Blog Celebrating Hip-Hop and Baseball Is Coming Straight Outta Cooperstown

It’s Opening Day! Time Warner Cable and Directv – get it together so I can see my Dodgers!

A photo posted by Ice Cube (@icecube) on Apr 6, 2015 at 9:11am PDT

N.W.A member Ice Cube is a super fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The gangsta rap star is frequently seen at Dodgers Stadium during the season. To further prove his allegiance, Cube recorded “Dodger’s Anthem 2013,” with Tyga, DJ Felli Fel, and Ty Dolla $ign that pays tribute to the team.
The next year (2014), Ice Cube had the honors of throwing the first pitch when the team took on The Detroit Tigers. And as recently as April, Ice Cube pitched a bitch close to opening day. Thanks to an ongoing dispute between Time Warner Cable local outlets, over 70% of Los Angeles residents could not watch the Dodgers game in the comfort of their homes.
All of this baseball-Hip-Hop stuff makes sense, including the fact that Hip-Hop (Drake in particular) is the most popular genre for players when selecting their walk up music. For generations now, rappers have made fashion statements by repping their home team and wearing the baseball caps and jerseys.
As Los Angeles legend Ice Cube makes the rounds promoting the new N.W.A biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” a new website is merging Cube’s love for baseball in an entertaining nod to the sport and Hip-Hop.
As A.V. Club discovered, is a new website that mashes up Hip-Hop artists with legendary baseball Hall of Famers. It’s done visually, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. The creators of the site take old baseball cards and superimpose their favorite rap stars over the original players image to create a unique new mash-up.
But it doesn’t stop there because each athlete is also renamed with a unique name that is a combination of the original player, and the rapper. Players like Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, and Rod Curu have become T.I. Cobb (T.I. and Ty Cobb), Hank Aarun (Hank Aaron and Rev Run) and Rod Guru (Rod Carew and Guru). Check out some of the most creative mashups below: