Who Has The Best Beard? Fans Decide…Check Out The Results

For most men, keeping facial hair well-groomed is just a part of the weekly routine. However, it becomes even more important for the celebrities and athletes who are watched each week by millions of fans around the world. Growing and maintaining a beard has paid off for stars like LeBron James, rapper Drake and James Harden. Fans have ranked those above as having some of the best beards in all of sports and entertainment.
The poll is part of a promotion for Just For Men’s upcoming National Beard & Moustache Championships in Brooklyn this November. Drake crushed all of his bearded Hip-Hop competition, with 17% of those surveyed saying the rapper had one of the best celebrity beards.
Check out the rankings by sport and celebrities:


NFL Football Players:
Jared Allen Chicago Bears 49%
Eric Weddle San Diego Chargers 15%
Ryan Fitzpatrick New York Jets 14%


 Lebron Meme

NBA Basketball Players:
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers 33%
Deron Williams Dallas Mavericks 27%
James Harden The Houston Rockets 17%


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MLB Baseball Players:
Jose Bautista Toronto Blue Jays 27.1
Dallas Keuchel Houston Astros 27%
Jayson Werth Washington Nationals 23%



NHL Hockey Players:
Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers 51%
Johnny Oduya Dallas Stars 15%,
Patrick Maroon Anaheim Ducks 13%



Hollywood Celebrities: 
Jake Gyllenhaal 33%
Joe Manganiello, 23%
Drake 18%
Johnny Depp 18%
Brad Pitt 7%