Too Slow At Race: Students Want That NASCAR Money; Their Gonna Boycott Until They Get Some

Bubba Wallace
Darrell “Bubba” Wallace

Over the past few years, NASCAR has been attempting to diversify their business.

The company has bankrolled programs like Rev Racing and the 11-year-old Drive For Diversity agenda.
Both of the initiatives have produced wondrous results on the track. It is true that NASCAR now has rising minority superstars like Tia Norfleet, Natalie Decker, and Nicole Lyons, in addition to rising talents like Darrell Wallace Jr., Devon Amos, Jay Beasley and Daniel Suarez.
However, just this past July, the organization was under scrutiny for allowing fans to wave Confederate flags at the Daytona 500, just after that nutcase Dylann Roof gunned down nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church in June.
Even though the merchandise is banned from being sold at NASCAR races, the fact that it is still openly displayed and tolerated is proof that their “drive for diversify” is not moving fast enough, according to The Minority Youth Matters Movement (MYMM).
MYMM is a nonprofit grassroots movement that is pressing NASCAR to establish business practices that lead to the inclusion of all minorities in the motorsports industry.
MYMM is asking NASCAR and sponsors not just to change their business practices. To ensure diversity, MYMM says the businesses must be better corporate citizens to local communities.
“[MYMM]will not stop until NASCAR engages our minority youth and the communities where they reside,” said Minority Youth Movement Founder, Terrance Cox, III.
If the brass at NASCAR wants the culture to change from top to bottom, Cox wants the organization to support, fund and develop more educational programs.

Minority Youth Matter Protest

That, Cox, believes, would lead to more interest and engagement from minority youth. To put NASCAR on notice, MYMM is planning massive demonstrations and protests at several key events during the racing season.
A massive protest and rally will take place in front of Coca-Cola’s world headquarters on October 18th. During the protest, Sprint, Xfinity, Snickers, McDonald’s, Coke and other major brands will be called out.
Three more boycotts will take place against NASCAR. On November 22, the group will boycott the Ford Ecoboost 400in Miami while December 1 and December 2 has been reserved for protests at the Annual NASCAR Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas.
The protests will follow NASCAR into 2016, where MYMM is planning a huge protest at the Daytona 500 in February.
That rally will feature student leaders, guest speakers and other civil rights activist, who believe NASCAR needs to spread the wealth. MYMM wants the money to go to students so they can learn the science, technology, engineering and mathematic skills needed to be competitive in all facets the industry.
“There is still opportunity for this ‘movement’ to evolve into a celebration of collaboration, and ultimately, NASCAR sponsors reaping the rewards true diversity and inclusion affords: an expanded fan base, increased profits and a win-win for all,” Cox said.