"BioHack" Your Partying And Become Bulletproof With These Tips

Dave Asprey is the founder of the Bulletproof brand, which is dedicated to helping people improve their health through “Biohacking.” Asprey spent 15 years and $300,000 in order to “Biohack” his own biology.” The result?
Asprey managed to lose 100 pounds, boost his I.Q. and transform himself into a healthier person, which made him an even better entrepreneur.
In a recent post titled “How to Stay Bulletproof in College,” Asprey teamed with a recent college graduate to offer up some tips to improve your standard of living while you are in school.
Nestled in that article is some very interesting advice on how to increase your resilience to alcohol and marijuana. According to Asprey, if you biohack your partying experience, the after effects will be less taxing on your body.
Tips like drinking potato vodka, and less sugary liquor can help you avoid a bad morning, while taking a capsule of activated charcoal, or alcohol detox pills can also be of use to start the next day off right.
For weed smokers, tips like avoiding smoking in favor of vaporizers can improve the experience. Since THC triggers cravings for fatty, salty foods, things like dark chocolate and bacon are handy to have around for the munchies.
“How to Stay Bulletproof in College” has interesting hacks for food, brain exercises and more. Read the full article here and check out this infographic below: