Nick Diaz Suspension An Injustice, But Not Because Of The Weed


1669656_10152281364079284_816753307_oBy: Din Thomas MMA Correspondent

Now that the dust has settled from the shock of initially hearing that Nick Diaz was suspended for five years for a third failed test of marijuana use, I can speak on it.
I, like just like many people, immediately jumped to his support with the “this is just weed” defense. We see other athletes get far less punishment for taking performance enhancing drugs and other recreational drugs and other types of unacceptable behavior outside of the cage.
The fact remains, Nick Diaz was suspended from MMA for five years for smoking weed.
Unfortunately, minimizing the offense is reminiscent of the exact reason the legalization of marijuana did not get passed in Florida. Every pot head in the state justified the legalization of marijuana to “help their sick grandmother.”
We all know the real reason pot heads want marijuana legalized. So they can smoke it without being punished, especially since it is already legal in four states. Yes, Nick Diaz’s suspension is an injustice, but not because he uses marijuana.
Contrary to what people may want, marijuana use is against the rules in MMA.
There are many rules that MMA fighters must follow that they may not want to. However, as professional fighters they have no choice, to protect the integrity of our sport. Making weight is a rule that fighters must respect. But could you imagine if the fighter’s mentality was, “It’s just 5lbs. I don’t feel like cutting it.”
In other words, follow the rules and it does not matter what the punishment is.
The true injustice is in the inconsistency surrounding his suspension, which controversially, was his third. After three tests, within hours apart, only one came back with elevated levels. The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) presumed to punish Nick Diaz (who has a medical marijuana license in California) based on inconsistent results.
This is a modern day witch hunt. This is an unfair abuse of power. Nick Diaz may be no saint, but he should be treated fair. If he is found guilty of breaking and disrespecting the rules that govern the integrity of our sport, then let him be dealt with.
But at least allow Nick Diaz his due process.