Students At Ole Miss Stand Up To Local KKK and Confederate Flags Flying On Campus

Students at the University of Mississippi were tired of dealing with racism on campus, so they decided to do something about it.
You see, the confederate flag flew undisturbed over the campus in Oxford, at the University of Mississippi. A few weeks ago, faculty students, alumni and members of the College Democrats decided to organize a rally on campus, simply to “have a respectful and civil conversations” about the flag and its possible removal from campus.
The University of Mississippi chapter of the NAACP jumped on board to sponsor the event, which helped attract some unwanted visitors to the campus.
Over 20 members of the International Keystone Knights of the KKK showed up in an attempt to express their views and intimidate the students, who urged The Associated Student Body to pass a resolution to take down the state flag on campus.
Students at University of Mississippi stand up to the KKK

Their requests were met with a counter-protest by some local misfits associated with the International Keystone Knights of the KKK.
“Black lives don’t matter,” attendee and KKK member and “Imperial Wizard” Shaun Winkler told The Daily Mississippian. “We are the blood of conquerers…I feel that the Klu Klux clan is no more racist than the Black Lives Matter (movement),” Winkler said. “The Black Lives Matter is just as racist as the Klu Klux Klan could be.”
The students held their ground and argued that the University of Mississippi was not honoring the institutions Constitutional laws by prohibiting discrimination on campus. Well, one thing is for certain: Winkler, who is 19-years-old and his ragtag band of protesters opinions didn’t really matter.
That’s because yesterday (October 22), the ASB at the University of Mississippi acted upon the students demands and passed a resolution calling for the University to cease flying the state flag on campus.
“We want our campus to reflect who we are in 2015: a vibrant, welcoming and diverse community that honestly examines our history as we move forward together,” Dean of Students Melinda Sutton said in a statement. “We commend our students for using the democratic process to engage in debate over civic issues.”
While Winkler and other members of the International Keystone Knights appeared intimidating, they were obviously the ones threatened by the students.
Shortly after the protest, two members of the group were arrested by police after a search of their vehicle turned up to shotguns. While one of the men may have a permit to carry his shotgun, the International Keystone Knights were not smart enough to check to see if it was even legal to carry firearms on the campus of UM.
The students haven’t won total victory just yet. The resolution still has to clear the administration at UM, but it’s a step in the right direction. Most are supporting the resolution, which was approved almost unanimously, with a 41-1.
To the International Keystone Knights: just admit defeat, losers. You lost in the Civil War; your flag is hated by the majority of people all around the country, and no matter how much you push back, you’ll always be the losers.