Are Black Activists Bullying Students Into Silence On Campuses?

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African-American students around the country are being lauded for their efforts to change institutionalized racism at universities around the country.

 Alan Dershowitz
Alan Dershowitz

[O]ver the past several months, the President of the University of Missouri, resigned, while students at Ithaca are mobilizing to remove President Tom Rochon over racial disparities on their campus.

The Presidents of Harvard and Yale (who has its first Black Dean) have managed to keep their jobs so far, despite many racially charged incidents at each university. There’s fresh criticism of how the administration has handled escalating confrontations on campuses.
It is coming from “the other side.”
Famed Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz blasted the way students have handled the protests.
“The last thing these students want is diversity,” Dershowitz told Business Insider. “They may want superficial diversity, because for them diversity is a code word for ‘more of us.’ They don’t want more conservatives, they don’t want more white students, they don’t want more heterosexuals.”
In an op-Ed for the Yale Daily News, which broke several of the relevant stories, senior Isaac Cohen went in a little deeper. According to Cohen’s opinion, the majorities of universities in the United States already lean to the left.

“Of course, nebulous accusations that an entire institution is ‘insensitive’ are nearly unfalsifiable, especially when these charges are ultimately grounded in feelings or, as the phrase goes today, students’ ‘lived experiences.’ Indeed, it sometimes seems that the unfalsifiable nature of so many of these muzzy claims is quite deliberate. It is virtually impossible to quarrel with feelings. Muddled language makes for muddled minds, and muddled minds make for easy, unanswerable indictments.” Isaac Cohen, Senior at Davenport College

Are other students being bullied into silence when it comes to their opinions on campus? 

Like Alan Dershowitz, Cohen dissed the president of Yale and other universities for capitulating to students’ demands without much resistance.
According to Cohen’s point of view, the activists are creating a dangerous climate on campus by their own doing.
Furthermore, he believes millions of dollars in time and resources are being spent on the action of a few bonehead racists.
Moreover, those actions should not necessarily be a reflection on of all of the students, the faculty or campus.
Both Alan Dershowitz and Isaac Cohen feel students with dissenting opinions are being bullied into silence by the activist groups.
“If free speech is to have meaning, people must have the courage to speak,” Cohen wrote in the Yale Daily News. “My suspicion is that many students and faculty agree with at least some, if not most, of these assertions. Yet few dare to say so. And even fewer will argue for their merit.”
Isaac Cohen and Alan Dershowitz claim that true diversity and open dialogue is not the end goal of the students, who they feel have selfish agendas.
“These students don’t want me to be safe,” Alan Dershowitz said. “They don’t want students who agree with me to be safe. They just want their ideas to be safe and protected from any contrary point of view.”