Dr. Ben Carson Taps Hip-Hop Again With His Official Campaign Song; Producer Khao Discusses Track

Dr. Ben Carson

Today (November 21) is a big day for presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson, who will make a campaign stop at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina.

Dr. Carson and Democratic front-runners Martin O’Malley, and Bernie Sanders are stopping at the HBCU to discuss their views, campaign strategies and vision for America during a forum hosted by BET correspondent Jeff Johnson.
During The 20/20 Club’s 2015 Presidential Justice Forum, each one of the candidates will directly engage students, local officials, law enforcement professionals and civil rights leaders from around the country.
In addition to politics, Dr. Carson aims to use the stop to promote the video for his campaign song that is titled “Breath of Fresh Air.”
Dr. Carson selected Hip-Hop producer Kevin “Khao” Cates to create the campaign’s official song, which he will co-sign at the stop today in Columbia.

Kevin Khao Cates
Kevin “Khao” Cates

This time around, Dr. Carson tapped a veteran Hip-Hop talent to create his campaign song, which is much better than the disastrous 60-second rapping advertisement he released in early November.
Khao has produced hits for artists like T.I., R. Kelly, Young Jeezy and others. He has also sold over 30 million records throughout the course of his music career.
According to Khao, who is the founder of the nonprofit Bridge Da Gap, he has known Dr. Carson for quite a while now since the neurosurgeon is an advisor to the organization.

“Dr. Carson and I have had a friendship and business relationship for more than six years,” said Khao. “I’m proud of all that he has accomplished and wanted to share my pride with the country the best way that I know how…through music.”

Dr. Carson plans to reach a new generation of middle-class Americans with the video for “Breath of Fresh Air,” which is supposed to convey his rise from obscurity and his mission to “create new opportunities” for the country.
Dr. Carson might not be perfect, but he seems to be the Republican candidate most comfortable with using Hip-Hop music as a tool to engage young voters.
The live coverage starts at 1:00 PM on BET.com.