These Sisters Crushed Israel's Charts – In Arabic!

With all this crap going on in the world with wars, ISIS, Donald Trump’s big mouth, the Syrian refugee crisis, etc., it’s kind of cool to hear the power of music can transcend all of the noise.

And in one of the most unlikely places, at that.

A-WA is smashing the charts in Israel

Over in Israel, three Israeli-born Yemeni sisters who perform as A-WA (pronounced Ay-wa) recently made history on the country’s pop charts, when their Hip-Hop inspired single “Habib Galbi” hit # 1. It was a significant accomplishment for A-WA because it was the first time any song recorded entirely in Arabic reached the top of the charts in Israel.
The three sisters’ birth names are Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim. They grew up in the small desert village of ‘Shaharut’ in the southern Israeli Arava Valley and were taught the original Arabic language of Jews in Yemen.
A-WA (slang in Arabic for “Yeah”) is working on their debut album with producer Tomer Yosef. If you dig A-WA’s first single, you’ll probably like their upcoming album, which is said to be a mixture of Yemenite folk singing and EDM.
Their new release draws inspiration from Shlomo Moga’a, who was famous for recording traditional Yemeni love and protest songs for women in the 60s.