New Trump Bankruptcy Victim: The Republican Party

Wynne Alexander
By Wynne Alexander
Political Director,
Wynne Alexander is an investigative journalist who has interviewed national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business and political leaders including Muhammed Ali and Coretta Scott King. She is also the author of the pioneering civil rights book, Get It From the Drums.

Calling All Cars
Calling All Cars
Be on the look-out for the Genuine Republican Party.
Last seen 15 to 20 years ago.
Warning: the suspect is frail and should be approached with caution and compassion.
It’s a shame the Republicans disappeared and no one even noticed.
(I guess no one but lonely Senator Susan Collins)
Gone are the truly grand days of Senator Ed Brooke of Massachusetts, the wild liberal visage of New Jersey’s pipe-smoking Millicent Fenwick in congress, Colin Powell.
Types like Senator Nancy Kassebaum (KS), Jake Javits (NY), Scott, Schweiker and Scranton of Pennsylvania, the fabulous liberality of New York’s Charles Goodell, the progressives of the Nelson Rockefeller Wing and Delaware’s statesman Governor Russell Peterson who became so disgusted with the Grand Old Party, he quit and became a Democrat.
And now look at the mess they’re in.
(Are you happy, how’s it hangin’ now Pat Robertson?)
Donald Trump leading a pack of political pygmy’s [except for Kasich who appears to be a throw-back to those golden days of yesteryear.] What Trump is really leading is a bunch of pink-to-redneck wanna-be celebrities.
One of the biggest reasons the GOP’s jammed without a ticket is because the media allowed itself to brainwash too many of our fellow Americans into believing that Trump is a leading candidate for president. But that’s not the race we’re looking at. Trump’s high ratings are only true if you believe this cluster clown show is anything other than a race for Top Talk Show Host on Right Wing Radio.
What can be said about so many GOP candidates’ socially irresponsible pronouncements, mortifying xenophobia and dead-wrong blaming of Muslims for the actions of psycho-murderers. Hitler was raised a Catholic do you see them condemning Catholics for that Nazi horror show? How about blaming the Catholics for their own 700-year-long Inquisition and what all they did to the Muslims.
Trump is not the only one playing Scare-the-People-Politics. The list of insulting, knee jerk, fact-lacking statements from Fiorina, Carson, Christie, Rubio, Rand and Cruz is enough to fill three sitcoms and a joke book. They’re all selling woof tickets.
If anyone sees the real Republican Party please notify the authorities. At this point though, if they do show up, they’ll have to run as a third party candidate.
Months and months have gone by with completely unlabeled polls being reported by the broadcast media -TV in particular- as though they were ‘national’ polls and far bigger than they are.
These huge headlines are actually being generated by local polls, taken among likely Republican voters of Iowa, South Carolina or New Hampshire, then reported nationally with great fanfare and authority. Repeat: They are not national polls.
Months of air time and not one word of qualification or quantification for the viewer. Polls specific to Iowa and New Hampshire – never properly labeled by a TV media that knows full well about ‘bandwagon effect’ and the ‘glorification effect’ news coverage has on a candidate’s prestige. Such airtime makes their image and stock go up and it is misleading. They’ve done a grave disservice to their client-viewing audience and have [to use a polling term] 50% blame for creating the Trump presidential brand.
Look at this – the poll trumpeting the surge of Ben Carson, November 9, 2015 out of Monmouth University – headlines – “SOUTH CAROLINA: CARSON, TRUMP NECK AND NECK.”
“…Among voters likely to participate in South Carolina’s Republican primary in February, 28% support Ben Carson and 27% support Donald Trump.”
The most important information there is – this is NOT a national poll.
On Page 3 of the published Monmouth poll, it says, “The Monmouth University Poll was conducted by telephone from November 5 to 8, 2015 with 401 South Carolina voters likely to vote in the Republican presidential primary.”
That’s it.
That’s all. Far too many broadcast media played it up as though it was the nation.
More national media headlines based on a January 11, 2016 Monmouth poll: “Trump’s Lead Grows to 32% in New Hampshire.” That grandiloquent declaration after “The Monmouth University Poll was conducted by telephone from January 7 to 10, 2016 with 414 New Hampshire voters likely to vote in the Republican presidential primary.”
401 Republicans who might vote in South Carolina and another 414 Granite Staters just made gargantuan national headlines. For what? A real journalist puts that Page 3 info in their opening lines because goddammit, we’re trying to run a responsible democracy here.
A description of every poll’s size and participants should be noted in the first lines of every story or you’ve done a disservice to your audience. Real journalists should tell you in the headline and first sentence of a story “Abe Lincoln is leading in a new poll taken among Republicans in Iowa with a sample of 400 likely voters.” That’s far different from the sturm und drang of ‘TRUMP is leading…’ ‘Trump Breaks the 35% mark.’
35% of what or who?
35% of exactly 414 people. So what. By the way, he ought to be ahead in the polls. He’s had national television exposure for years, including his numerous bankruptcies which made international news. It should come as no surprise his name recognition is higher.
But this is not a race for Name Recognition of the United States.
This is the race for President of the United States.
The Trump poll findings have nothing to do with proving who the best candidate is.
They prove only one thing and that is – the level of idiocy of the people watching television.
And speaking of idiocy, I heard this with my own ears-
Clearly upset by the Trump candidacy, Fox-Republican hired-hand and drum majorette Bill O’Reilly had the mendacity to blame Trump’s presence on President Obama. I’m not making this up. Trump in all of his offensiveness, is Obama’s fault.
Ain’t they got no shame?
But it’s OK because Bill O’Reilly is a talk show host. He can toss off that kind of crap and pretend he has accountability instead of the con-ability he actually has. We expect more from the Presidential Candidates Corps. And just because George Dumya and Dan Quayle lowered the bar into the waste pipes below the basement of the monkey house, doesn’t mean that we have to live with that. We just have to restore the Bar of Excellence.
What kind of illness afflicts this country that we allow people to delude us into thinking or believing that 400 to 1000 ‘likely Republican voters’ in South Carolina, Iowa or New Hampshire are representative of the nation, giving false legitimacy to a spoiled, nasty, reprehensible, no-thinking, trash talking con artist like Trump? He leads a charmed ‘life of Reilly,’ able to get himself on national TV because their Bar of Excellence has also slipped around their ankles.
Trump was handed millions of dollars – lucky him. And here’s what he earned himself.
Worldwide disgust. Millions of people find him disgusting. He is guilty of bigotry, he is guilty of reckless endangerment and is a one-man national security risk. He sufferers from a raging case of inhumanity, loud-mouthed bragging, in short, all the flaws of a blustering, God-don’t-like-ugly, school yard bully.
Surely the real GOP can do better.
Trump at 35% means -real headline-
35% is below failure at any school or college. So is 65%.
What the hell is going on here?
Perhaps a campaign on GoFundMe could raise enough money to post a
REWARD: for any information leading to the discovery and reinstatement of the Real Republican Party of the United States.
And for God’s sake stop letting these second rate imposters play their old fear games anymore.
There’s absolutely no need to be afraid of Muslims. They have nothing to do with isis, isl or the latest crew of psycho-murderers. [See also ‘Hitler Raised Catholic’ in paragraph five]
Besides, there’s a much bigger, better boogie man to fear.
Philosophers and military leaders have wisely warned for centuries: “Beware the simple answer.”
So (-cue the scary music and dim the lights-)
Be afraid –
Be very afraid of Don’tknow Trump and his fast shootin’, no hittin’ simple-assed answers.