The Oscars Really Gave The Middle Fingers To Hip-Hop This Year Too

The outcry surrounding the 88th Academy Awards’ omission of African-American actors has overshadowed the middle fingers it really gave to Hip-Hop music too.

The Oscar’s snub of “Straight Outta Compton” about rap group N.W.A and the failure to nominate rapper Will Smith for his role in “Concussion” has once again brought up the question of racism in Hollywood.

The Academy went three for three by completely ignoring the year’s biggest song, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. Their collaboration, which celebrates the life of deceased actor Paul Walker, was definitely one of the biggest songs of 2015.
It was featured on the soundtrack to “Fast and Furious 7.”

This was the biggest damn song of the year!

“See You Again” topped the charts for 12 weeks and played on the radio’s constantly all year to the point that it became annoying. Maybe there is a conspiracy here against the Pittsburg rapper?

“Its snub deprives us of what could have been a cool moment in a droll ceremony. Most of the Oscars’ energy, or lack thereof, is because of the music and the performance that serve as interstitials to the presentations. Who could forget when Three 6 Mafia won for their song in ‘Hustle N Flow,’ and the joy that radiated from the stage as the three underground Memphis lifers were handed Oscars?” – Corban Goble,

The Academy’s blatant omissions were enough for the Lifetime Award recipient, Spike Lee and actress Jada-Pinkett Smith. They both have decided to boycott the Oscars this year.
“Maybe it is time we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities, into our programs, and we make programs for ourselves that acknowledge us in ways that we see fit, that are just as good as the so-called mainstream,” Jada Pinkett Smith said.
Spike Lee what’s a little more blunt than Jada Pinkett Smith for boycotting the Oscars this year even though he’s winning an award.
“People, the truth is we ain’t in those rooms, and until minorities are, the Oscar nominees will remain lilly white,” Spike Lee posted on Instagram.
But the debate is far from over, thanks to Aunt Viv’s rant against Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith’s boycott.


“People are dying, our boys are being shot left and right, people are hungry, people are starving, people are trying to pay bills and you talking bout some motherfucking actors and Oscars. It just ain’t that deep,” snapped Aunt Viv, whose real name is Janet Hubert.
The head of the Academy is an African-American woman named Cheryl Boone Isaacs and to her it is “that deep.” She just issued a statement saying she’s “heartbroken” at what her organization has done for the second year in a row.
“I am both heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion,” Isaacs said in a statement. “This is a difficult but important conversation. The Academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership.”
Wiz has been silent about his feelings, at least on social media, posting the usual selfies of smoking the best weed on earth and getting dope ass tattoos.
Maybe giving Taylor Gang member Juicy J and his Three 6 Mafia an Oscar in 2006 was enough for the Academy.
Snoop Dogg, who has collaborated with Wiz on a bunch of songs and even starred in a movie (“Mac and Devin Go to High School”) with the Pittsburgh rapper, isn’t going to be attending the Oscars either.
He was more than offended that his mentor, Dr. Dre and the story of N.W.A didn’t get any love. He said it for Jada and maybe this is how Wiz felt after being snubbed too:

“Fuck em. They steal all our culture, they steal all our slang, steal all our everything. Then they make it cool, and we can’t get no acknowledgement for what we do as far as being originators and creators to this entertainment world. Jada, I’ma say it for you the way you should have real said it: Fuck the Oscars, Fuck the Grammys, and fuck any of you motherfuckers who nominate or don’t nominate. You old motherfuckers need to shit or get off the pot.” Big Snoop Dogg

It sure would’ve been great to see Wiz and his crew collectively own two Oscars.
However, that’s not going to happen because #OscarsSoWhite


Posted by Calvin Broadus on Monday, January 18, 2016