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By Wynne Alexander
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Wynne Alexander is an investigative journalist who has interviewed national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business and political leaders including Muhammed Ali and Coretta Scott King. She is also the author of the pioneering civil rights book, Get It From the Drums.

Finally we can be done with the drum-beating and fake excitement over the Iowa Caucuses.
Iowa – the absolute no count, anti-oracle and non-harbinger of any presidential victory.
Iowa – a veritable political island, the lone crowners of Huckabee and Santorum presidential primary victories in 2008 and 2012. Hardly giants, in fact Huckabee and Santorum are destined for political asterisk status and soon.
And as angering as it is to calculate the massive expenditure of broadcast time and money spent on this news illusion  –  it certainly created absolute delight as the tiny numbers rolled in.
Elated, laughing, ecstatic – Thank you Iowa Republicans for a sustained 45 minutes of giddy hope and glee as the teeny-weeny numbers posted, leaving no doubt of the reality for all to see. Percentages in the 20s plummeting  down to 1 %.
Sheer delight at the Republican repudiation of the major stuffed shirts and blow-hards.
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump
Cruz 28% – Trump 24%. [Not a 35% in sight as the pollsters predicted]
So happy over the Jeb Bush trouncing, the beautifully pitiful numbers of Christie, Fiorina – all of them so richly deserved. And Ted ‘Joe McCarthy’ Cruz won’t last, but he certainly snatched victory from the jaws of little Trumpy Boy Blue, for which I will always be grateful.
Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina
Poor Republican Establishment – being forced to double-down on Rubio – and Kasich has a shot now too – as the major money brokers down Republican Way, strategize in desperation. 
But the most important numbers out of Iowa are these: of all the Midwestern states, Iowa has the highest cancer rates, causing any properly thinking American to wonder if it’s because their fields are soaked with Monsanto’s health-defying Roundup.
The following three paragraphs are from FoodDemocracyNow, a dedicated group of USA patriots and protectors who have been documenting our country’s food disaster for years:
“According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Iowa has the highest rates of cancer of any state in the Midwest and it should come has no surprise that 97% of soybeans and 93% of corn grown in Iowa are genetically engineered to be sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup, which the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently linked to causing cancer in humans just last year.”
In 2014, Hillary Clinton received a $325,000 “speaking fee” for giving the keynote address to one of Monsanto’s top GMO lobbying front groups to help the industry address consumer fears over GMOs.”
“Now we’ve learned that Hillary has Monsanto lobbyists raising millions of dollars in campaign contributions to return her to the White House. One lobbyist in particular, Jerry Crawford, is a close personal friend of the Clinton’s and a top Democratic party fundraiser who’s known as ‘Monsanto’s Man in Iowa.’
John Crawford and Monsanto
Since 2010, when Crawford was hired by Monsanto to stop a DOJ-USDA investigation of Monsanto’s abusive monopoly on seeds, Monsanto has paid him more than $1.6 million to push Monsanto’s corrupt policies on the American public.”
And those ladies and gentlemen, are the ONLY numbers that matter out of Iowa. Period.
…But we are working on another set of numbers – trying to calculate the millions of dollars wasted in television, radio, print, staff, time and assorted accoutrements to keep this country talking about political match-box toys, while genuine concerns are not reported at all.
Yup – no coverage at all, like how many of your tax dollars went into stamping the Roundup pig “ kosher? ”

(…singing heard in the background – “Ayn Rand’s on vacation, so we’re stamping pigs kosher today”…)