Another Mysterious Case of ‘Politics Makes the Strangest Bed Fellows’                     

Wynne Alexander
By Wynne Alexander
Political Director,
Wynne Alexander is an investigative journalist who has interviewed national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business and political leaders including Coretta Scott King and Muhammed Ali. She is also the author of the pioneering civil rights book, Get It From the Drums.

Proving yet again – that even a broken clock is right twice a day – Donald Trump has performed an enormous public service on behalf of humanity and the Democracy of these United States.
( wuhwuhwuhWHAAAAAAATT ????  Did she really say that ????? )
Because Donald Trump has done the impossible.
Donald Trump has finally served his country in an absolutely unimaginable way.

With his boundless attacks on every Republican candidate, he has single-handedly destroyed the Koch Brothers oh-so carefully constructed plans to take over the White House in 2016.
Oh my fellow freedom fighters and little iffen-giffens – we’ve been aided and abetted by none other than that new wave rapper Trumpy Trump, author of the New Politikal Guerilla Warfare.
You see the Koch Bothers, and all the oligarch family club members they represent, have been planning for eight years on getting the White House back so they can sell what’s left of our democracy down the river.
Eight Long Years they’ve been plotting, scheming, hiring, amassing money, raising $889 million dollars to get the power back to provide their far right, anti-humanity policies lebensraum  – that’s dictator-code for ‘living space.‘
They have war-chest after war-chest, secret and overt funds, hand over fist treasure stockpiled to return the White House to its rightful color — make that RIGHTful color.

Get that White House, white again.
Make that White House safe for shamelessly negative, selfish, unpatriotic, control-freaks.

NAFTA – TPP and New World Order Forever !

Little white fistYeh, baby.
(Thanks for the warning King George Bush the First. We didn’t know you were talking code then – but we sure know the code now. Yes Lord – ‘New World Order’ – up for the few and down with the many.)
Eight  L O N G  Years  they ‘ve been working. They put money on King Jeb Bush III, money on Kasich, they’re doubled-down on Rubio.

But single handedly – former casino kingpin Donald Trump has destroyed their plans.
Rare in the history of anything can you actually say that an army of concerted effort was undone singlehandedly. This is David and Goliath territory and indeed, Don’know Trump has done it. He is trumping Koch Brothers & Company.
And for that I am actually quite pleased to say, ‘Thanks, Trumpy Boy Blue.’

Must tell you though-this could be a raging case of a lover’s quarrel and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. According to an article in Politico, published November 4, 2015, Missy Trump put on her best jewelry and went to court the big-daddy Koch money.
From Politico:
“The Trump campaign sought access to the political and public policy network helmed by the Koch brothers. Trump’s aides detailed his policy positions for the Kochs and their donors in a survey put together by Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the group that coordinates the Koch network and hosts its twice-a-year donor gatherings.

But when Trump was not among the five candidates invited to the Koch donor gathering in August at which the survey was distributed to donors, he unleashed some serious snark at his rivals who were included ― Rubio, Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.”
And Trump’s been on a flame-throwing, guerilla warfare attack ever since.
So maybe this whole turn of events is a turning of the screw (all puns intended) because certainly with Trump’s record of half-assed, half-cocked, bullying lifestyle – he and the Kochs have a lot in common.
Hopefully the actual numbers of Americans in Reality will hold and we’ll find out these matched sets of short term masterminds of the old and oppressive, still only attract around 20% of our total American voting population.

The Koch Brothers & Co. litany of crimes against the earth and country are impressive. Paying for and leading the charge against clean air, against clean water, proper healthcare, healthy environments, against social security, against civil rights, funding architects of the Tea Party, increased taxes for the middle class and poor with more tax breaks for billionaires and more. It’s a long, horrible anti-American list.
Surely the Kochs have been knotted in apoplectic twitches, salivating at the thought of getting that White House back and now look at this.
Sometimes we never know what a blessing might look like.
This is too good.
Now there’s only one problem.
As surely as the Kochs have been plotting for 8 years, so now are they devoting their numerous think tanks to one task  —
Get     Donald    Trump.
They’re cooking up stuff night and day, uh-huh — heap big bad JuJu.

But I don’t think they’re gonna win this one either.
My bet’s on the casino.

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