Matisyahu Hits College Campuses In Response To Protests

Matisyahu is embarking on a 16-date tour of the United States, where he will hit major college campuses with Palestinian Hip-Hop artist Nadim.

Matisyahu College Tour Flyer

The college tour is a response to protests against Matisyahu last year, after the Jewish musician refused to endorse a state for the Palestinian people.

Matisyahu was initially disinvited from the popular Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain last August, when reps from Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) put pressure on the organizers over Matisyahu’s appearance.
After an international uproar, festival organizers eventually apologize and invited Matisyahu, but Pro-Palestinian protesters greeted him with such intensity, he actually featured for his safety.

“It was first time in my whole career that I was targeted as being a Jew and it culminated with me on stage singing in front of all these thousands of people. A lot of them [were] waving Palestinian flags and screaming curses and throwing shit at me — very intense experience.” Matisyahu to The Badger Herald

Even though he went on to do a series of massive shows in places like Jerusalem, Poland and Auschwitz, Matisyahu believes his message has been lost in the protests that have erupted at his shows.
According to the rapper, there’s so much bitterness and anger in the world that everyone is too busy arguing, boycotting and protesting and not even listening to each other’s concerns.
That’s why Matisyahu decided to perform on college campuses around the country with rapper Nadim Al-Ayaseh, including a March 30 date at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
“I thought it would be good to do a series concerts if I bring in a Palestinian artist and we try to bring these two groups,” Matisyahu said.