Who Has The Tightest Presidential Logo?

If done correctly, a logo conveys the underlying message or core them of business, or brand.

Each one of the four contenders still fighting for the Presidential nomination of their respective parties crafted strong, bold logos.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the frontrunners for the Democrats and Republicans. Picking a logo for their campaigns was no simple task.

“Campaigns spend a fair amount of time on design,” said Daniel Kreiss, professor in the School of Media and Journalism. “What they want to do in some ways is use design to convey certain features or aspects of the candidate as well as what platform they’re running on in a particular way.” – The Daily Tarheel

Three of the contenders that are left are so well-known that they only need to use their first or last name to market their campaigns effectively.

Hillary Clinton has a unique design with her distinctive “H” logo with an arrow through it. At first look, you understand that it stands for “Hillary,” and the arrow infers her claims that she will be able to advance the country forward.
Bernie Sanders has grown so well-known that his logo is just his name “Bernie.” Sanders did manage to create some unique line work under his name, as well as a star to dot the “I” in Bernie, which gives Sanders’ logo a much more patriotic look.
Donald Trump’s is so well-known that he has been using his last name and his slogan “Make America Great Again.” It could be the dullest and boring of the three, however, it is probably the most impactful. Trump was marketing his “Make America Great Again” phrase before he even announced his bid for the President. Since then, the catchphrase has dominated Trump’s talking points.
Ted Cruz is the only contestant left who managed to squeeze his first and last name into his logo. Moreover, he is the only one who needs to, going against those three. Since running for President, the Texas representative has become a star of the Republican Party and could be their only prospect to keep Donald Trump from winning the party’s nomination.