Bill O’Reilly Is Back, And His Battle With Rappers Will Probably Continue

Bill O’Reilly has battled a number of rappers over the course of his 20 seasons as the host of Fox’s highest rated show “The O’Reilly Factor.”
He’s had famous run-ins with Roc-A-Fella boss Damon Dash and Harlem rapper Cam’ron.

He even beefed with some of the more positive rappers like Common and Lupe Fiasco. O’Reilly also had a major role in Pepsi dumping Ludacris as a spokesman way back in 2002.
So it’s no surprise Ludacris and other rappers reacted with glee when they found out Bill O’Reilly was out at Fox.

The highest watched news anchorman on television got the boot last week after it was revealed O’Reilly had settled numerous sexual harassment lawsuits for over $13 million, making Ludacris’ lyrical transgressions pale in comparison to O’Reilly’s actual grab assing.

As much as we hate to say this, Bill O’Reilly will be back. Not only is he expected to get a $25 million windfall, but the newsman has already returned with a new podcast called “No Spin News.”
A few years ago, the folks over Noisey compiled a listing of 15 times Bill O’Reilly’s showcased his ignorance of hip-hop music.

Take a look at a longer list over at Noisey.