LeBron James Is So Serious About Students He Is Opening His Own School

LeBron James has earned hundreds of million dollars during his career as a professional athlete, and now he’s spreading some of that wealth around his hometown of Akron, Ohio.
The LeBron James Family Foundation and the Akron Public School System are starting a new public school together.
According to reps for LeBron’s foundation, the new I PROMISE school will merge APS’s curriculum with a new problem-solving/STEM-focused curriculum for their students and their families.
“I can’t even say how proud and thankful I am for all the people who believe in my kids,” LeBron James said. “They continue to inspire me every day. My kids are running a marathon & its uphill when you’re from the inner city. I know that our work isn’t done. This is a water station for them & we will continue to do everything we can to help them stay on track.”
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LeBron James has gathered local educators, community leaders and experts to advise the new I PROMISE school on the best policies, practices, and methods to ensure the best possible outcome for the students who attend the new school.
Any Student who succeed at the I PROMISE school has the opportunity to receive the “I PROMISE” scholarship, which will allow them to attend the University of Akron.
LeBron James’ new school will open in 2018.