Penn State's Albert Lord Continues To Diss Jerry Sandusky's "So Called Victims" and Max Kellerman Attacks

A trustee at Penn State seems to be getting over the shock of their sex crazed perverted assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, and ESPN host Max Kellerman ain’t having it.

Sandusky, who worked as Penn State assistant coach under the legendary Joe Paterno, also doubled as a child serial rapist.
Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to 30–60 years in prison for his crimes and Penn State has paid out over $93 million in settlements.
Last week’s Penn State president Graham Spanier was convicted of child endangerment charges related to the Sandusky case.
A jury found that Spanier broke the law when he ignored a report that insisted Sandusky was having sex with a young boy at Penn State’s Lasch Building.
Now Albert Lord may not be a household name, but if you have student loans you may have owed him some loot at one point – he’s the former president of Sallie Mae.
Well, Albert Lord decided to send an email to The Chronicle of Higher Education last week complaining about Spanier’s conviction, which could land Penn State’s former President behind bars for up to a year.
Apparently, having sex with young boys is just not that big of a deal to Albert.

“Running out of sympathy for 35 yr old, so-called victims with 7 digit net worth…Do not understand why they were so prominent in trial…”

Enter Max Kellerman, the hip-hop loving host of ESPN hit show “First Take.”
Max’s eyes almost popped out of his head during a segment in which he ethered Albert Lord, who is siding with a guy who let a pervert have sex with boys.

“Mr. Lord does not seem to grasp the fact that sex crimes leaves survivors, who will always be survivors after they were the victims. There are people’s lives who were changed forever, thanks to Jerry Sandusky and his enablers at Albert Lord’s Penn State University. And Mr. Lord should know this. Our reservoirs of sympathy and support for the survivors has no limit. We don’t run out of sympathy dude.”

Albert Lord has since apologized for his stupid remarks, even though he admitted his comments were quoted accurately.
“It was too flippant and caustic; the comment conflates many deeply held sentiments in a sentence too short to reflect accurately my views about victims in this case,” Mr. Lord wrote to Penn State’s Daily Collegian. “This quote was directed specifically at ‘so-called victims.’ It was certainly not intended to offend real victims.”
Nice apology.