Hillary Clinton Will Be The Next Big Politician To Get Played Out On A College Campus

Some of these career politicians might want to rethink their strategies for making appearances on college campuses.

Students throughout the country have been opposing the guest speakers they disagree with, through very measured actions and protests.
Over at Berkeley, the anger over guests Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter intensified into full-blown violence, ending in both speakers canceling their engagements.
Last week, we witnessed students object to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at Bethune-Cookman University, right as she tried to give them a commencement speech.

Betsy could barely get a word in, as some students turned their backs to her, while others just booed her like a wack rapper was opening for Drake.
More recently, Republican Senator John Cornyn’s scheduled speech at Texas Southern University was axed after almost 1,000 signed a petition to have Cornyn replaced.
The students’ anger is not relegated to just the right or the Republicans.
Hillary Clinton is about to feel the pain next month, when she visits Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, as the Class of 2017’s commencement speaker.
Students on campus are already actively planning to protest Hillary as soon as she arrives on the institution’s grounds.
A group of Haitian students has not forgotten Hillary’s role as the United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti after the massive earthquake in 2010, which pretty much leveled the entire country, caused billions in damages, killed over 300,000 and made another 800,000 sick.
A student-run Haitian organization calling themselves Komokoda is one of the groups protesting the speech.
Komokoda’s reps had some strong words for Hillary Clinton, which should be an indication of what the former Secretary of State can expect.

“Every time the Clintons get in a bind, they run to the black community to whitewash their tarnished image.” – Student-run group Komokoda to The Observer

The group is extremely upset that university president Rudy Crew would even consider extending an invite to Hill, given her controversial relationship with the black community over the years.
According to Komokoda, the black community has been used as nothing more than a series of photo ops over the past 20 years. The organization accused Medgar Evers College President Rudy Crew of doing more “dirty” work at the expense of the black community.
Hillary Clinton will try to deliver her commencement address at Medgar Evers College on June 8.