Hip-Hop Photographer Esteven Oriol, Some Beer and Boxing Meld, To Transform Los Angeles Communities

A legendary hip-hop photographer is putting his skills behind the lens for the local Los Angeles community.

Estevan Oriol is a legendary photographer, who followed the same career choice as his father, noted photographer Eriberto Oriol.
Estevan fell in love with Hip-Hop growing up and turned his passion into a business, when he became tour manager for Cypress Hill and The House of Pain.
Estevan eventually took to photography full time, amassing an amazing portfolio that includes world famous celebrities like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent and many others.
He’s also one of the founders Joker Brand clothing line, which was launched in 2000 with his friend and legendary tattoo artist, Mr. Cartoon.
In addition to hip-hop culture, Estevan has also chronicled Chicano lifestyle for twenty year. In his latest series, he captured the stories of two striving Mexican-American boxers, their trainers, and their gyms—all from the eastside of Los Angeles.

The documentary short tells their stories and showcase the challenges and victories of the training experience, which all start at gyms that are cornerstones of their communities.

Titled “Bud Light x Estevan Oriol – Boxing Hecho en Los Angeles,” the two-minute documentary highlights the boxers’ stories and the critical importance of friendships and community bonds.
“Boxing Hecho en Los Angeles” focuses on family, friends and the neighborhoods standing behind the young and promising boxers and their longtime trainers in the Mexican-American community.
The gyms showcased in the film include:

CM Boxing Stables in Alhambra, where Mexican-American rising stars junior lightweight Carlos Morales and undefeated flyweight Seniesa Estrada train

Capetillo Boxing Gym in East L.A., where famed boxing trainer Javier Capetillo has produced top world boxing champions

Rodrigo Mosquera Boxing Academy in La Puente, where longtime boxing trainer Rodrigo Mosquera has honed his 40-year career in the sport.