Nicki Minaj's College Offer For Students Is Too Good To Resist

Nicki Minaj made some of her fans educational dreams come true – if students can provide their transcript proof of a 4.0 GPA.
Amazingly Nicki personally linked with several of the Twitter users that wanted to take advantage of the rap superstar’s generosity.
By the end of the evening, Nicki had humbly spent thousands of her music industry earnings helping as many as 30 students pay for school costs.

Although the Twitter back and forth started as a reply to a “Lip Syncing Contest,” it instantly turned to the need to reward high achieving students with an opportunity to continue their education.
Unfortunately, money can be the biggest factor when it comes to furthering your knowledge, and what Nicki Minaj did will serve as a benchmark for other stars to give back to their fans as well.