Jay Z's Nephew Nahziah Carter Is Planning To Shoot His Way Out Of His Uncle's Shadow

Jay Z’s nephew Nahziah Carter is planning to shoot his way out of his famous uncle’s shadow.

Nahziah Carter is a 6’6 small forward plays for the Bishop Kearney High School.
He is becoming one of the most sought-after players – not just because of his famous family connection – but because of his extraordinary abilities on the court.
Nahziah sat down with The Bleacher Report, to offer up some interesting nuggets about his plans for the future, his father’s controversial relationship with Jay Z, and how he plans to step out of his uncle’s shadow if that’s even possible.

1. Although Nahziah Carter is being courted by universities like Georgetown, Indiana and South Carolina, he’s not in a big rush to go to college. Instead, Nahziah wanted to take his time and make the best decision.

“I’m just focused on making sure I make the right decision, even if that means not going to college this year.”

2. Like his famous uncle, Nahziah Carter loves to rap. Although he has not stepped behind the microphone as a professional like Jay Z, Nahziah does rhyme, especially before his big games.

“I do love to rap. I’ve never recorded a song or anything like that. I’m not looking to make a career out of rapping, but my teammates and I like to rap.”

3. Stories about Jay Z shooting his brother are true. Jay has always been reserved when it comes to telling the story of how he shot his older brother in the shoulder, when the rapper was just 12-years-old. It appears to be a fact and the family is over it.

“They don’t really talk about that one too much. My dad did something and they fought, but we don’t talk about it. My brothers and my sisters all know. Honestly, we usually laugh about it. I don’t know why, but we find it kind of funny. I mean, Jay Z shot our dad. That’s pretty crazy.”

4. Nahziah Carter has been aware the word would get out that he was Jay Z’s nephew. He doesn’t seem too concerned with the association and is aiming to make it work to his benefit.

“Distancing myself from his success and having success of my own—that will be the hardest part going forward. But I think I’ll be fine. I have confidence in my game. I’ll dial it up just like Uncle Jay did.”

Check out the full interview with Nahziah Carter over at The Bleacher Report.