Lonzo Ball Explains The Process Of Playing On The Next Level

Even though Lonzo Ball is destined to be an NBA Lottery Pick, he still manages to consistently enjoy the process of becoming an elite level player.

“Basketball has always been fun to me, it feels like the world kind of slows down,” Lonzo said in a recent interview.
Lonzo goes on to describe some of the routines that make this UCLA standout one of this year’s standout top tier players worldwide.
The extra attention his father brings combined with a very over hyped college career, in addition to being the oldest from a family of Ballers could put immense pressure on anyone.
Lonzo Ball doesn’t seem to let any of that get to him.

“You know if you want to do something then you do it and try to be the best at it.” – Lonzo Ball

He just puts his head down and works hard every day, knowing he is on the cusp of reaching his dreams.
Here is how he describes his daily practice routine at his house, complete with objects on the court setting picks for him!
“I will start off with some floaters, then shoot a couple jumpers to get warmed up and do some type of ball screen work. That chair has been there since I can remember that’s why it is so rusty. It’s a good screener and allows me to get my shot off. I’m definitely trying to work on the midrange game. I know I can shoot the three, but there will be bigger guys at the next level and I need to work on that floater, that pull up.”
The eldest Ball brother has provided a great start to a family dynasty in the making.
Leading by example and not by talking, Lonzo has been known to let his dad LaVar Ball be the megaphone and patriarch.
Staying under the radar and working harder than most everyone else is the reason he is rumored to become the #2 overall draft pick, by the Los Angeles Lakers.
While all the hype may throw some off their game, Lonzo seems to put his hard hat on and get right to work.
“I know my midrange game is what I need to work on so that motivates me the most.”
Time will always tell the story of your effort, and the Ball family is out to prove hard work pays off, stay tuned!