"Manspreading" – The Latest Hassle For Travelers Could Finally Be Banned

Is “manspreading” an epidemic or is it isolated to Spanish public transportation?
New signage is being posted in the buses all around Madrid to discourage the practice of “manspreading.”
The phenomenon has become public enemy number one for the publicists that are tasked with creating the posters that line the Spanish transit routes.
The technique, which is employed to create more space for one rider, has not been outlawed here in the USA, is used by the most selfish travelers, who take it upon themselves to create more space, by “spreading” their legs across multiple seats.
The new signs call for proper male passenger etiquette, including directions on how to prevent the elderly, pregnant, and disabled people from having to fight for a seat.
Let’s hope that this new public safety initiative will keep “manspreading” from becoming a widespread epidemic.