Spanish Golfer Jon Rahm Learned English Listening to This Classic Hip-Hop Song

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm did not learn English in a conventional way per se.

He attributes one of his biggest language influences as none other than Kendrick Lamar.
Rahm explained how the song “Swimming Pools” was a huge factor in his conversational English speaking skills.
His roommate at Arizona State University was a huge hip-hop fan and would often play Kendrick Lamar music while reciting all of the words.
Rahm was impressed by the rapid yet enunciated lyrics.
He began training himself to know all of Kendrick’s 2012 hit.
Although it took all four years at ASU, Rahm was finally able to spit the entire verse without error.
The up and coming golfer also credits Hip-Hop lyrics with helping him fight through some of the pressures out on the course.
He may speak Spanish and English, but Jon Rahm also uses Hip-Hop as his third language.