Adrien Broner: "I'm Black, We Don't Do Therapy!"

Adrien Broner stopped by HOT 97 to talk about his fight against Mikey Garcia and a lot more.
Adrien had a few things to say to his haters.
His relationship with Floyd Mayweather was also an interesting topic.
When it comes to money, the two boxers have something in common – they have both been rich for awhile.
Adrien credits some of his downfall to having too much money, too young.
“I got a big heart and it’s still really hard for me to say no.”
When asked about the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight, he got serious and said he did not want to discuss it, but did say he did not care for the mixing of MMA and boxing and admires Floyd’s dedication.
Adrien also talked about mental health and growing up without the help of therapists.
“We call our niggas up like hey im’ tripping, come holla at me, lets go to the gym.”
Before we judge “The Problem” too harshly, this is a common stigma in the African-American community.
According to Psychology Today, “because of the taboo surrounding open discussion about mental illness, African Americans often have little knowledge of mental health problems and their treatments.”