Big Boi Talks Police Brutality and Gives Great Advice To Democrats

Earlier this week, police in Decatur Georgia re-opened the case of a cop beating up a homeless woman.
Footage has been making the rounds of the Internet, showing the unnamed officer striking the homeless woman with his metal baton inside of a gas station.
The cop claims the woman tried to push him out of the way and became aggressive.
Thankfully this time, the police officer didn’t act on his threat to “shoot and kill,” the woman unless she complied and she did after a few minutes of pain.
Atlanta rapper Big Boi weighed in on the incident and police brutality in general.

“We are seeing videos…The police are not playing by the rules. ” – Big Boi

“You can film all the videos, and record anything that you want to but if there are no convictions behind this, then everything gets swept under the rug,” Big Boi explained.
Big Boi said the Democratic Party needed to get its act together, and fast.
“It’s wrong, and we gotta continue to fight, protest and march. I think the anti-establishment does have a voice, and the Democrats need to listen to that and bring those people in. There’s a lot of power in the youth.”