Conor McGregor Goes Full Racist During Press Conference, Floyd Ain't Sweating It

Conor McGregor is doing his best to ensure that Floyd Mayweather gives him a thorough ass whipping.
The two men shared a stage earlier today, during a press conference for the “Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor World Tour” in Los Angeles.
Everyone expected a little jaw jacking, but no one expected Conor McGregor to go straight racist.
During one round of trash talk, Conor makes fun of Floyd’s outfit, while promising to knock Floyd out within four rounds.
“Nobody is going to do nothing to me, I can do what the fuck I want up here,” an extremely confident Conor McGregor said.
But Conor appears to have crossed the line when he told Floyd to “dance for me boy.”
Leonard Ellerbe, who is Floyd’s manager, and CEO of Mayweather Promotions, did not seem too concerned, in a press release issued right after Conor MacGregor statements.
“We know that Conor McGregor is a dangerous fighter who believes 100 percent that he is going to win this fight. I’m expecting to see as sharp a Floyd as always and I anticipate him doing what he always does, going in there and winning.”