Harvard Student Obasi Shaw Delivers A Dope Hip-Hop Thesis On Black America For Harvard

Harvard student Obasi Shaw bucked tradition at the storied Ivy League University and created a dope Hip-Hop project for his final thesis.
The album is 10-songs long and “deals with the different ways that the black experience in America is caught between two states.”
Although Shaw doubted that students, staff, nor the university would believe in his project, he pressed on and fought for his vision.

“I didn’t think Harvard would accept it, I didn’t think people would like it.” – Obasi Shaw

Not only did Shaw receive an overwhelmingly positive response from his peers on campus, but Harvard even awarded him Summa Cum Laude Minus. “Which is like Harvard’s fancy term for an A-.”
“So I want to encourage anybody to focus on their passions, focusing on excelling at the things that they’re good at because if you’re trying to do what somebody else is telling you you need to do you will never create anything new,” Obasi said.
Hopefully this can serve as inspiration for the first chart topping thesis song in history.
For now an A at Harvard for laying down enlightened and passionate lyrics instead of typing it up traditionally sounds lit!