The Juice is Loose: Five Facts About OJ Simpson's Parole Hearing

Almost everyone in the world knows “The Story of OJ.”
In addition to being a central figure in Jay-Z’s politically charged song about race in America, OJ Simpson has remained one of the most polarizing and divisive figures.
The Juice has divided the county since he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and an associate name Ronald Goldman in 1994.
But OJ spiraled out of control after the acquittal, devolving into a life of fast women, and drugs.
In 2007, OJ took it too far when he organized a group of thugs to rob a memorabilia dealer who had some stolen items from OJ that he was attempting to sell.
The result was a 33-year prison sentence in Nevada for one of America’s most infamous athletes.
OJ has served is time and will finally be a free man this fall.

1. OJ Simpson has been a model prisoner, since being convicted of masterminding the armed robbery in an attempt to get his memorabilia back in 2007. According to Craig Arnett, who is a prison guard at the Nevada Lovelock Nevada Correctional Facility where OJ is being held, said the sports star has been low-key for the past nine years.

2. OJ is the commissioner of the prison softball league, and he’s taken alcoholic anonymous classes and educational classes while he’s been locked up.

3. It is pretty odd that a victim would testify on behalf of the perpetrator. But that’s exactly what happened at OJ’s hearing today. Bruce Fromong, who originally accused OJ of masterminding the robbery, testified that the Juice should be released from prison.

4. Even though OJ is was granted parole, he will not hit the streets until October 1. even then, authorities will be keeping a close watch on OJ, who must present a plan for how he’s going to earn money, his living.

5. No matter what OJ does, Ron Goldman vowed to haunt the disgraced NFL football star for the rest of his life. The Goldman’s will continue their quest to collect the $33 million wrongful death civil judgment against OJ, even though he is planning to live in Florida with the law protects his NFL pension.

As for OJ, he is vowing to keep his old ass out of trouble this time around.
“All I want to do is spend as much time with my children and my friends, and I’m not looking to be in the media. I’ve done my time, I’ve done it as well and respectful as anybody can,” OJ said vowing to abide by the terms of his parole.