#WCW: Angela Rye Is Making A Difference and She Looks So Good Doing It

Angela Rye is our #WCW because of her unwavering fight for women’s’ rights, her dedication to uplifting young people.
She is a credible black woman that is shutting down narrow-minded white men, and because she is absolutely gorgeous.
Angela Rye is so loved because she is able to take issues that she sees her people going through on her very active Twitter account and bring it to huge platforms such as CNN.

Angela Rye is an attorney, CNN commentator, and an NPR political analyst.
She’s served on the boards of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee (CBCPAC), the Seattle University School of Law Alumni, Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, Inclusv, senior advisor to the Government Technology and Services Coalition, and is a member of The Links, Incorporated, National Bar Association, American Bar Association, and the Washington Government Relations Group.
That’s only the start of her accreditations, the list is almost never ending.

She was born into a very politically active family and was actually named after Angela Yvonne Davis from The Black Panther Party, and activism has been her calling ever since.
In a CNN article, Angela explains that her name means “messenger of God” or “bringer of truth” and for her, that meant standing up to teachers when blacks were inadequately portrayed in history books.
Or starting a Black Student Union at her high school, and even serving on a community committee so she could address the police brutality in her hometown of Seattle.

She protested initiatives that were eliminating affirmative action policies, ran a computer lab at a community center so she could have access to technology and even tutored black high school students so they could get into college.
Ever since Angela was in high school, she has been determined and relentless to fight systemic oppression.
Angela Rye is able to engage with her people personally on Twitter, shut people up on CNN with her facts and get down to the bottom of what is going on in that White House.
Let’s keep it real, most of us know that Trump in office isn’t good for anyone, but we don’t really understand why.
It’s hard to understand the magnitude of the bills he’s signing and the Russia scandal, but Angela Rye comes to our favorite podcasts, The Breakfast Club, her Twitter, and other relatable platforms to explain it to us.