Wesley Snipes New Book Is An Urban, Supernatural, Thriller

Wesley Snipes his world famous for his acting abilities.
Wesley has the world audience on the screen, playing villains like Nino Brown, or heroes like Blade.
Believe it or not, Dr. Wesley Snipes just did something had never done before.
He’s just released his first novel as a fiction writer.
Wesley’s new novel “Talon of God” is an urban based, supernatural thriller,” according to the actor/writer.
“In this genre, you don’t see books that are situated in fantasy, or situated in the urban community,” he said of his story, which is a spiritual tale about good vs. evil, centered in Chicago.
Although Wesley has written scripts, plays and movies, writing a book was much more difficult than any of those.
“I have grown to have a great deal of respect, and appreciation for those write. It is a daunting task for most, If for no other reason just the ability to stay focused.”