Racial Battle Brewing In North Carolina As Students Go Hard To Remove Offensive "Silent Sam" Statue

The University of North Carolina could be the next flash point in terms of racial tension, as a new controversy bubbles over a statue on the campus.
Yesterday, reps of various UNC student organizations teamed up with a lawyer for the UNC Black Law Students to challenge the legality of the statue “Silent Sam.”

“Silent Sam” is a statue by John Wilson of a Confederate soldier, which was erected in 1913, to pay homage to Confederate alumni who fought along with the rest of the losers.

According to a lawyer representing the organization, the statue’s existence violates title Title IV and Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Joel Curren, Vice Chancellor of University Communications, released a statement to The Daily Tarheel.
Curren acknowledged the students concerns over the Confederate monument, but said he did not have the legal authority to move “Silent Sam.”
“While we do not have the unilateral legal authority to move the monument, the students have raised questions about federal civil rights laws that will need to be addressed,” Curren said in a statement released to students.