Tips To Be Successful, Courtesy Of French Montana

According to French Montana, you shouldn’t follow trends if you want to be successful.

The rapper, who blew up making in the early 2000’s with his “Cocaine City” DVD series, has been a constant presence in Hip-Hop, even since he stepped in front of the cameras.

But French has also survived several record and management deals, including stints with Akon, Mizay Entertainment (Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka), Warner Music Group and Epic Records, where he is currently signed.
French broke down just how he has managed to stay around so long during an interview with Time.

Follow Your Gut

When French is deciding how to take his next hit record, he “follows the feeling.”
“I was listening to Afro before after music was after music, I was following the feeling, I wasn’t following the genre. That’s why am able to pick tracks like ‘Unforgettable.’ When I get that feeling, that’s when I follow it,” French Montana explained.

Have An Open Mind When It Comes To Art

According to French, it’s critical to have an open mind when it comes to art. This is what allowed him to travel to Uganda, and make worldwide headlines by working with the Triplets Ghetto Kids who are featured in his video for “Unforgettable.”

“That’s the beauty of art. Art will take you places you never expected. It just grabs you.” – French Montana

Continuing Education

According to French Montana, it’s not just about producing hit records. There’s also a learning curve that comes with the music business. The industry is still currently littered with seriously talented artists, who just can’t figure out how to navigate their way through this complex, music business.
“There’s always ways to learn and get better. It’s like when you make money: if you made one dollar more than last year, that’s great. I’d rather make $100 million in 10 years then make it all in one year. I’m all about the marathon,” French Montana said.
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