Words To Live By From A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky recently inked a new $5 million dollar deal with RCA/Sony and appeared on the covers of GQ and En Vogue
He is also the shining face of Forbes 30 under 30 cover artist, models for DKNY and Mercedes-Benz.
A$AP Rocky is taking entertainment and fashion by storm and in order to do so, one must be supremely confident.
Check out some words from A$AP to inspire your own success.
1. Be You
“You can do what you want to do because the world is yours. Don’t discriminate against anyone, because we are all one generation.”
2. Be Confident
“Confidence isn’t something you can buy, it’s embedded in you”
3. Love Life
“Take pictures more, I don’t take anything for granted”
4. Be Unorthodox
“I wanted to make art and let the people pick what they wanted from it”
5. Put Your Art Before Yourself

“I want people to know I put my everything into my art”

6. Pioneer Your Own Legacy
“I wanted to start respectively and earn my own name”
7, Get a Support System
“We were just a bunch of young visionaries who happen to get together”
8. See The Trends
“It’s all about the youth, it’s all about tomorrow and I don’t think that just because you have a million in your bank account that it makes you a credible artist.”
9. Use Common Sense
“We need to utilize each other because together we are a collective. The main part is just recognizing the obvious and just stating it”.
10. Have Fun
“In Hip-Hop just as in Fashion you can’t just set the bar you have to raise it.”