Mark Cuban Gets High AF With Snoop Then Drops Wisdom on GGN

Mark Cuban and Snoop Dogg sat down and talked about some of the adversity they’ve faced on the path to success.
Mark shares a great story of how he went from a Bro in an apartment with six other guys, to owning the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.
After being let go of his early janitorial gig, Mark took his last check and organized his first company, linking personal computers together, to CompuServe.
Following that he launched a new company called AudioNet who revolutionized sports audio online.
Although these two entrepreneurs may have had completely different upbringings, they still relate to each others’ individual hustle.
Snoop has even recently talked about starting a new league with Diddy for football players who want the freedom to protest for any cause.
Mark and Snoop clearly get along and seem to be on the same page.