Pitbull Says Trump’s Spoiled Upbringing Is The Problem

Miami rapper Pitbull may have caused some controversy last year when he flew to West Palm Beach For a personal meeting with future President, Donald Trump.

The Donald flew Pitbull down to West Palm Beach in a private helicopter, where the two men sat down and got to know each other.

While Pitbull caught some flack for saying there were open “certain things” he respected about Donald Trump, the rapper pretty much saw the commander-in-chief for what he was – back then.
“There’s nothing he won’t say to have the limelight. The more outlandish [it is], the more they put it on television,” Pitbull said.
Pitbull is not letting up on his assault on Donald Trump either.
In a new interview with CNN, Pitbull echoed his earlier comments about Trump from 2016.

“His true colors are real simple.” Pitbull told CNN. “It’s about money, it’s about power, and when you’re raised that way, it goes to show you what your true priorities are.”

Pitbull’s comments follow Trump’s tweet that federal aid to Puerto Rico “won’t last forever.”
The U.S. House of Representatives is still set to vote on a disaster relief bill while the island still lacks electricity.
Pitbull recently used his private plane to transport cancer patients to the U.S. from Puerto Rico, and he joined fellow Latinos J. LO and Marc Anthony for a relief initiative championed by sports and entertainment figures.