Real Beef: Russian Hip-Hop Star Makes Hamburger For Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin loves to position himself as a “man’s man“ in the media.

We have been treated to pictures of him fishing, showing off his martial arts skills and even riding shirtless on horseback.

So it’s no surprise that Vladimir loves a big fat juicy burger.
Last week a fake news story hit the net, claiming a Washington DC restaurant was selling Vladimir burgers in honor of the Russian President’s 65th birthday, which was on October 7th.
That story may have been faked, but there really is a hamburger being hawked to honor Vladimir and it’s being sold by one of Russia’s top rappers.
Timati is taking advantage of Putin’s love for a good burger in his restaurant, Black Star Burger.

Timati, who has had a number of hip-hop hits in Russia and Europe, is also an entrepreneur.

His restaurant started selling the Putin burgers right around the leaders’ birthday.
“In order to find this out, you just need to search ‘what does Putin eat’ online. I would like to note that he has a balanced diet with lots of vegetable food. Our burger has the best of what the Russian president likes,” Timati told Russian news agency, TASS.
So what is on a Vladimir Putin hamburger?
Two beef burgers with smoked turkey and blackcurrant jam, along with cheddar, brined suluguni cheese, and vegetables, in addition to horseradish and garlic sauce.