Should The NFL Dump Opioids In Favor Of Marijuana?

HERB, the largest and most engaged cannabis media platform in the world, today released the first episode of their video series “Game Changers,” featuring football veterans Marvin Washington, Leonard Marshall, Eben Britton, and Grant Mattos.
Throughout the video, the players discuss injuries sustained during their careers, rampant opioid addiction in the league, and the NFL’s stance on marijuana use.

“This video makes it apparent how much cannabis has helped these players manage pain and avoid the dangers associated with prescription painkillers.” – Matt Gray, CEO of HERB

“With the 2017 football season now underway, we thought it was important for people to know what these players sacrifice in order to entertain fans every week and hope that fans can empathize and ultimately become advocates for cannabis in the NFL,” HERB CEO Matt Gray said.
Other notable video highlights include Marvin Washington revealing that the NFL did not inform him of serious injuries he sustained during his career, including concussions, and Eben Britton exposing the number of active NFL players who consume cannabis.
“Sitting together with the group of guys that spanned four decades of football and talking was therapeutic,” said Marvin Washington, former NFL defensive end. “Too many times we think we are going through something alone, but this will show guys that they are not. Maybe this will start conversations all around the country between former players and ultimately lead to change.”
HERB conceptualized “Game Changers” with the goal of providing current and former professional athletes with a platform to tell their stories of pain, triumph while ending with the positive message of progress.
“If players are going to get NFL teams to move away from the use of synthetic pain drugs to treat injuries, I feel they need to band together and form an alliance with one another regarding the use of CBD,” said Leonard Marshall, former 12-year NFL defensive lineman. “The general public may think these players are just looking to get high, however, many of these players are just looking to get healthy, and that’s more than fair.”