Sir The Baptist Is Giving Out Scholarships With The Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation Gala

Chicago rapper Sir the Baptist is teaming with a former TV executive to educate and empower black males.

Sir is linking with former TV producer Tenisha Taylor Bell to host the Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation Gala.

The ceremony pays tribute to Tenisha Taylor Bell’s dad, who was murdered just blocks away from where First Lady Michelle Obama grew up.
So, Tenisha decided to create Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation Gala to honor her father, as well as to identify young black male students who may be overlooked, simply because they do not have an “A” or “B” average.
“My father was murdered just blocks from where First Lady Michelle Obama grew up,” says Bell. “His life was tragically snatched by teenagers who lost their way. We must give these young people hope and opportunity,  something to live for,” she adds.
ETSF provides mentorship and scholarships to African-American male students impacted by Chicago’s gun violence. The foundation, named after Bell’s father who was killed on the Southside, is awarding 12 scholarships.

“I make music and art not just to inspire, but to move us towards a higher mission. That’s why my mission is to partner with amazing organizations like the Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Fund to impact people directly, to show that music cares.” – Sir the Baptist

The Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation (ETSF) Gala and Fundraiser on Saturday, October 7th  6 p.m. at the Chicago Hyatt Centric Hotel on the city’s Magnificent Mile.